Hello I am a Year 11 student aged 16. I have had over 3 years experience working regularly with children aged 3-8 teaching performance arts multiple times a week and in varying locations. I have also had lots of experience babysitting for children aged 2 - 12 I am confident sitting for families with multiple children and would consider myself organised. I also have experience coaching in cheerleading teaching children 4 and up to do gymnastics moves in a safe and supportive environment. I am very passionate with working with children and at the moment all the money I raise babysitting will go towards a trip to Peru teaching children and building school and houses for locals. I think this will be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Services offered by Aoife

Wedding Day supervision

Help with homework

Toddlers (2 to 6 years)

Children with disabilities

School Aged Children (6 years and up)

Newborn (under 6 months)

Infant (6 months to 2 years)

Professional Experience: 2 years of experience

Assisting 3-5 year olds in learning performing arts.

Assisting 5-8 year olds in performing arts

More about Aoife

I work for a company called stagecoach when im not at school. I assist teaching 3-8 year olds for a total or 6-8 hours a week and I enjoy this very much. In this role I assist in teaching the children singing, Dancing and acting. I also volunteer at sports clubs at school helping younger years. I also regularly assist in teaching tumbling to children aged 4+ in cheerleading. At the moment I am doing Netball hockey and cheerleading outside of school and I enjoy these a lot. I enjoy working with children very much and I find watching them learn and grow incredible. When I and older I would love to work with children wether that’s teaching or nursing I don’t know.